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Posted by Labrasones - 10:58 pm November 21, 2014

GMOD Server downloads

Looking to clear up LUA or model errors on the GMOD server?

Check out the Downloads page in the link bar up top, or Click Here to go there right now!

Posted by MRDRMUFN - 6:04 pm July 30, 2012

Minecraft 1.3 Coming out August 1st

Due to the delayed Bukkits release for 1.3
If you want to be able to join our server. Do not update your client. We will notify you when we update to 1.3. Until then, we are planning on allowing members to move over their items and chest contents over to the new map on the update.

The new map will contain the new structures, and larger biomes. The old map will be accessible for 1 week after the map switch. So be sure to visit at some time during the move.

Posted by MRDRMUFN - 12:02 pm June 11, 2012

Found this old thing

Posted by MRDRMUFN - 10:42 am June 6, 2012

New Creative Map

We've decided to redo our old boring creative map and made it better. Now using the default map generator. Remember in order to build on our creative map you must have donated to our server. The creative map is a privilege, not an entitlement. We are still a survival server primarily. We are just giving those who would like to show off an option to do so on our server.

Posted by Labrasones - 1:05 pm May 18, 2012

Contest Incoming!

Think you're good at Minecraft? Want to win one of the 3 amazing prize properties? Go read the forum page here for full contest details.
Cancelled until further notice. Not enough interest from players or staff

Posted by MRDRMUFN - 12:08 am May 7, 2012

GMOD Server has been updated

Yep you can finally play on the gmod server some more.

Server IP's

Minecraft Survival: [25565]

Garry's Mod Build #1: [27045]

Garry's Mod Build #2: [27055]