Minecraft Server Rules

The Ingenious Gaming server is Survival-Build Server with team-based pvp war games. We try to be respectful and give everyone a chance to get settled and we like to build together, but pvp is only allowed on the war maps during matches. Be respectful to other players, no racism, and no hate mongering.

About PVP:

  • PvP is only allowed inside war-zones
  • RDM'ing or "random deathmatching" is not allowed and is a bannable offense
  • Any players caught cheating or exploiting game mechanics at any point will be either temp or perma - banned based on the severity of the offense

About Building:

  • 1x1 towers and massive amounts of cobble is not permitted. If you're place is an eyesore, we will give you one warning. Then you will have 3 days to remove or improve the look of your home. If you fail to comply with our offer we, "the server staff" will remove it. It makes the server look bad.
  • No building obscenities, If there's something offensive you will be banned and have your building removed.
  • The destruction or defacing of other player structures is not allowed
  • You may not take items from other players or steal from protected and unprotected chests, without the consent of that player.
  • Great architecture is good.

About Respect:

  • Hate mongering is not allowed, along with racism or objectionable communication. This is a banable offense.
  • Chat spam is not allowed.
  • Our server staff works hard on this server, disrespect or general annoyance is not allowed, and server staff reserve the right to take care of the issue.
  • In general, don't be rude or offensive to players. if we get multiple complaints we will check on the issue. If you're asked by an admin to stop picking on a player, consider that you're warning.
  • Trolling and general annoyance will not be tolerated.